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Hariyali Retreat


The land is situated on the main Kolar Road, Bhopal, three (3) Kms ahead from SKS hospital. The Hariyali Retreat site (35 acres) possesses some very distinctive and significant natural features. A seasonal pond and a seasonal stream traverse the site, forming two clearly defined zones.

This entry to Hariyali Retreat is inspired by the form of open, welcoming arms. It is in the form of a large, inviting arc that leads to a large open space with trees and a water body that is part of the seasonal stream-pond system. The main 24 m approach road has green spaces on atleast one side for its entire length across the plot. Plots have been provided with views towards the large green areas.

In construction, mostly used material will be local sand stone and available wood, etc. Intelligent application of material to fulfill the appropriate modern aesthetics is the major challenge of this project. To save the environment, lot of aluminum, PVC and ceramic tile is also taken in to consideration.

At the end Hariyali Retreat  is a development for people designed by people and built by people, but we like to feel that Nature will feel as much at home here as the future inhabitants will.

The proposed colony shall be developed for plotting right from high end plots to middle segment and thereafter for economically weaker sections. Before marketing this project, we envisages the completion of first phase of major concrete road, completion of club house, underground sewage system, utility duct, overhead tank & sumpwell for continuous water supply, secured covered boundary for entire area, a beautiful gated structure at the entrance, full time power supply through substation, a beautiful temple built for peace & spiritual purpose. Thereafter considering the response and booking, stagewise development for other basic facilities shall be extended according to the requirement.

The overall project shall be completed within 5 years.



As on date, though we have not yet marketised the project, but have completed following basic infrastructure for Stage I :-


  1. Fully covered boundary of entire premises.
  2. A beautiful gated structure at the entrance.
  3. Major concrete road right from entrance to our newly built Shiv Temple in the premises.
  4. Well-equipped two storied club house.
  5. Overhead tank alongwith sump for water supply.
  6. Complete underground sewer line
  7. 24 hours power connection through substation.
  8. Erection of electrical poles for street light.
  9. And the greenery throughout the periphery, also along the road.


We intend to launch the project in market within 6 months and thereafter looking to the response, the project shall be completed within a period of 5 years.